William Gorden - Engineering Consultant

German/English Translation

I grew up in Arizona and am a native english speaker. However, I have also been speaking and writing German fluently for over 25 years now. Having completed a college degree in each country has prepared me well for such work. I am often translating correspondence with companies in english speaking countries for my german colleagues.

I am able to translate all kinds of text quickly and accurately. However, I must admit, translating text from German into English is easier for me and much more accurate because I am a native english speaker. Also, text for use in legal matters, e.g. in a german court of law, presents a problem for me. Such text must be translated by a translator that is certified by the german government to do so. I do not have this certification.

The advantage that I can offer is text that is understandable in the context of the reader in their own language. Text translated from German into English is often strange to read because of the differing syntax and grammar. Germans think differently than americans and order their sentences differently, even when speaking and writing english. Even german translators do this often. If you are curious and understand a little german, you can read a hilarious example of this in "The Awful German Language" by Mark Twain (Yes, he actually spent time in Germany learning the german language).

Of course price is always an important factor. Translated text is typically priced per line of finished text. In the case of German to English translation this means that the english version usually comes out shorter. A line consists of 55 characters including spaces. I charge between 1 and 2 Euros per line of translated text, depending on the complexity of the text. This is roughly equal to 2 to 4 cents per character. This is standard fare for this service.

I must admit, I have yet to see text so complicated that it cost 2 € per line to translate.

If you need a translation of a text, you can contact me here.