William Gorden - Engineering Consultant

Software Development

I began developing software during my studies at the university in Kassel. It was necessary to write programs for the HP48 calculator in order to complete the problems in the exams in structural analysis in the civil engineering program. My thesis was a Finite Element program to calculate the stress in plates with error estimates written in c++.

After finishing my degree in Civil Engineering I went to work at a german company developing software for civil engineering purposes. I spent 17 years developing applications for the analysis, design and thermal protection of buildings. Since then I have been working as a freelance software engineer developing industrial measurment and production software for producing windows.

Throughout my career I have authored several comprehensive software solutions for civil engineers, structural designers and architects. This task includes among other things the implementation of complex mathematical procedures for solving linear and non-linear structural problems. A dominating part of this work is the enforcement of complicated european norms and a conclusive presentation of the results in the form of technical drawings and 3-dimensional graphics showing construction details.

Programming such software solutions requires extensive technical know how, the ability to solve difficult problems, the ability to work in a team environment and commitment to design as an integral part of the process. Rapid acquisition of proficiency in new technical areas is often required in order to complete a project. The ability to research and apply new concepts quickly is of paramount importance. Comprehensive consultation and support are of course a daily part of this job. Many projects were produced working directly with customers in order to guarantee optimal user interaction with the software.

I spent the last 21 years writing software for the Microsoft .net framework. This software is used extensively in engineering and architectural firms throughout Germany. The last three years have been devoted to producing a version of this software that calculates according to the new Eurocode.

I especially enjoy learning new technology and then actually using it in my software. This website is an experiment in developing an online business card that can be comfortably accessed from a variety of devices. It is programmed entirely in html5. It has a very simple design and navigation structure, keeping loading times down to a minimum.

My latest project, SiebertScale, is a system for the window construction industry consisting of an iOS app for collecting measurement data from laser measuring devices coupled with a workstation .net application for further processing the data for production. This has brought me expertise in the area of mobile development, producing software for iOS and Android devices.

If you need help developing software, you can contact me here.