William Gorden - Engineering Consultant

Building and Construction

I first became an engineer after moving to Germany. Up until this time I had been on the labor side of the construction industry, working in various occupations on projects from single family homes to freeway construction. I think the only things I haven't done are gas and electrical. I prefer to leave these to experienced journeymen.

Much of what I have done here in Germany is more the typical engineering disciplines like structural design of buildings and industrial projects. This also includes the thermal protection of buildings through insulation and appropriate heating and cooling. Being an engineer in Germany allows me to acquire building permits for certain types of projects.

As a civil engineer I designed steel structures for aircraft storage and industrial applications. Recalculation of the structural design in consideration of differing national norms plays a significant role when importing steel products from other countries. Many of the structures were modified to be able to handle increased capacity allowing for economic solutions to the production requirements. Additionally, modern buildings are expected to be energy efficient. I spent much of my time consulting for companies planning structures in accordance with the energy norms in Germany.

If you need help with construction projects, you can contact me here.