William Gorden - Engineering Consultant

William Gorden

About Me

I'm an american living in Germany. I'm single and have 2 grown children.

I grew up in Arizona. The house I grew up in is located on the edge of town, which also happens to be the border of a huge indian reservation with lots of open space. I spent a lot of time in my childhood playing there in the desert - seeking adventure! This love of adventure found still more expression during my time as a boy scout. And, of course, I met my first true love: motorcycles!

Growing up we were always building or repairing something. We had to do everything ourselves simply out of economic necessity. Back then most people didn't just throw anything away without trying to repair it first. My father worked in a trade and tried to teach me everything he could. He would take me along on saturdays to work on various construction projects. That was where I first learned to build. I have been building ever since then.

I earned a BA in Biblical Theology from an american bible college. This was an important time in my life, helping me to find values to live by as a christian. This was also where I learned to write and where I had my first experience with foreign languages. My interest, talent and love for applied mathematics remained dormant at this time, still suffering from the experiences of my early educational years.

After completing my degree I met a foreign exchange student at Arizona State University and just had to marry her. Soon after this I emigrated to Germany - that was 29 years ago. It did not take long - I was speaking fluent German within a year after arriving here. After settling in I was soon back in school studying Engineering at the University of Kassel. I became a civil engineer and have been working in this and other related fields since then.

I spent the last 24 years developing software for engineering purposes. Some of this has been experimental allowing me to use a variety of programming tools and languages. I developed a love for applied mathematics during this time that I had previously neglected. Especially programming the Finite Element and Boundary Element methods has given me opportunities to delve into new and interesting areas.

As a civil engineer working in Germany, I have worked on several types of projects, each with its own emphasis. The most interesting projects were calculating structural proofs according to german codes on steel buildings imported from the United States. This involved the translation and recalculation of american materials and structures so that building permits could be issued.

I have had many challenges in my life including the assimilation into a new culture, language and environment. I have been able to establish myself here and build a life for myself.

I must admit I am quite happy living here in Germany.